It is generally difficult for young students to get a start in their professional work and therefore the chief aim of this journal is to address that challenge and transform it into an opportunity. The Veritas Review, a journal of thought, interpretation and the arts, will do just that, opening closed doors for students to help give them a start in essays, reviews, and the visual and literary arts.

In The Veritas Review’s reviews and brief essays, the journal will concentrate attention on coming to terms with the past in order to create the future. The poetry, fiction and visual arts will also focus on craft and beauty, art as a shared experience. Given the divided times in the United States and worldwide, this journal wants to emphasize what brings us together as humans in culture and nature and not what divides us.

The Veritas Review is an interdisciplinary journal encouraging explorations of beauty, truth and justice in fine arts, humanities, social sciences and science; we stress evidence, intersubjectivity, objectivity. The journal hopes to focus on what we can do harmoniously together.