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Art can heal and bring people together. The journal hopes to create art that speaks to our elemental humanity and the elements of nature, which suggests but does not hector or lecture.

Alfred Alcorn

A Harvard undergraduate decades before who also worked at The Harvard Gazette and The Museum of Comparative Zoology, Alfred Alcorn, a long-established and distinguished novelist, has written a series of mysteries about murders in the museum, and here represents a poetry reading.

A Poetry Reading, Alfred Alcorn

Forrest Gander

Forrest Gander, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer in multiple genres, works with Tomoyuki Endo to translate the poems of Shuri Kido, one of the most influential poets of contemporary Japan.

The Translators of Shuri Kido

Marilyn Chin

Marilyn Chin is an award-winning poet and author. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Portland, Oregon, she writes Asian American classics that are taught in classrooms internationally

Poems by Marilyn Chin

If there is anyone who is satisfied, it is the philosopher, who has mastery over and can reason through eros, the source of his most integral desires.

Alexandra Rider, Hillsdale College ’22

Walking the same halls here at Harvard as Eliot once did imposes a feeling of respect and awe in me, knowing that it was this college that produced the poet and philosopher whose undying work now guides me down the same path he once trod.

Loren Brown ’23

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