Portraits by Catherine Ezell

Abigail and John Adams exchanged tender and thoughtful letters, from 1762, during their courtship, throughout his political career to 1803, during the colonial period and the formative years of America becoming a nation. These epistles reflect their warm companionship as well as her profound and historical influence upon him during his time at the ContinentalContinue reading “Portraits by Catherine Ezell”


Editors Cindy Chopoidalo is the Assistant Editor of the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature and a member of Editors Canada. Her publications include Shakespeare’s First Tetralogy, Epic Poetry, and Historiography: How a Dramatist Creates a Fictional World (2014) and Shakespeare’s Possible Worlds (2018), and she also contributed to The Definitive Shakespeare Companion: Overviews, Documents, andContinue reading “Biographies”

A Poetry Reading

Alfred Alcorn, ’64 A considerable turnout milled around in the spacious library of the Center for Criminal Justice. It was an incongruous mix. Among the word-stricken, bleared-eyed, unkempt types who frequent poetry readings, were a good sprinkling of cops, some still in uniform, as well as lawyers and other worthies from Seaboard’s criminal justice establishment.Continue reading “A Poetry Reading”