Nonferrous, Shuri Kido

Translated by Tomoyuki Endo and Forrest Gander


all colors mixed to render

the color “gray”.

The river bites into the land and

“geological memories” surface.

Plants with a grayish tint,

Tillandsia, or remnant snow.

Nothing swaying,

nothing wavering,

not a thing too complex to grasp.

Grayish prosaic phenomena,

afloat at the horizon, a cipher, a viper

raises its head.

In what country’s language does the word “subject”

hold two opposite meanings: “subject OF an action,”

and “subject TO an action”?

There’s no such limbo in human memories.

Still, “particles of iron” course through the blood

and all the color drawn from everything

mixes into a “gray”

that from nowhere

stirs up emotions.