Cindy Chopoidalo is the Assistant Editor of the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature and a member of Editors Canada. Her publications include Shakespeare’s First Tetralogy, Epic Poetry, and Historiography: How a Dramatist Creates a Fictional World (2014) and Shakespeare’s Possible Worlds (2018), and she also contributed to The Definitive Shakespeare Companion: Overviews, Documents, and Analysis (2017).

Catherine Ezell has an advanced education in English literature and is a self-taught artist. She has experience in scholarly editing and writing and has devoted her life to drawing and painting. Combining her passion for good writing and art, Catherine creates portraits of authors that are meant to reflect the tone of their works.

Iosif M. Gershteyn is the Chairman of the Ajax Biomedical Foundation, Senior Fellow at the Abigail Adams Institute, Visiting Scholar at the Medical University of South Carolina, and a poet. His work has been published in International Immunology, the Journal of Translational Autoimmunity, Researchers.One, Quillette, and other publications. Alongside scientific and business pursuits he dedicates time to theater, philosophy, and literature.

Jonathan Locke Hart (Associate, Harvard University Herbaria) is Chair Professor, School of Translation, Shandong University, has held two Fulbrights at Harvard and visiting appointments in English and in Comparative Literature at Harvard as well as having various affiliations with Kirkland House, Harvard over 35 years, and is a poet, literary scholar and historian who has published widely and also taught at Toronto, Cambridge, Princeton, the Sorbonne Nouvelle, Peking University, and elsewhere.

Danilo Petranovich ’00 is the Director of the Abigail Adams Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Institute provides supplementary humanistic education to the Harvard intellectual community by exploring questions of deep human concern that cut across the boundaries of academic disciplines. Previously, Dr. Petranovich taught political science at Duke University and Yale University. He is frequently seen in Harvard’s Kirkland House, where he is a dedicated member of the Senior Common Room.

Henry Stratakis-Allen is a junior at the College of William & Mary majoring in Medieval & Renaissance Studies and Mathematics. His past work has included research in Byzantine Studies and medieval Middle Eastern art and political history. He is currently conducting pre-research for an Honors Thesis focusing on religion and politics in medieval Iraq.


Loren Brown ’23 is a junior at Harvard College studying political philosophy and English. After his exile in Cambridge, he hopes to return to his native state of Washington.

Blake Chen ’25 is a Harvard College freshman. His interests include history, public policy, constitutional law, and economics.

Alexander Hughes ’25 is a first-year at Harvard College from Clinton Township, Michigan. He is a member of the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative and plans to concentrate in Government.

Manuel Lopez ’89 has taught political philosophy at the University of Chicago after receiving his undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard. His work focuses on Plato’s view of eros and the theological premises of modern science.

Temidayo Lukan, Boston College ‘25 is a first-year student at Boston College, hailing from Malden, MA, currently double-majoring in Political Science and Philosophy.

Alexandra Rider, Hillsdale College ’22 is a senior at Hillsdale College, where she studies English and Classical Education. She is originally from Marlborough, MA, and was an intern for the Abigail Adams Institute during the summer of 2021.

Deepak Singh ‘25 is a junior at Harvard College jointly concentrating in Philosophy and Computer Science, with a secondary in Neuroscience. He is passionate about the problem of intelligence, universal basic income, and the England national football team.

Felix Yang, Cornell University ‘19 is an environmental engineer with interests where philosophy, literature, and spirituality meet. He is currently working with an environmental consulting firm based in NYC.